Custom Wood Frames for Art | Unique Framing Options

Custom Wood Frames for Art | Unique Framing Options for Artwork

Custom Wood Frames for Art -Unique Framing Options - 3 custom wood art frames
3 custom wood frames for art pieces that I made for Andrea (the frames, not the artwork…)

Custom frames for canvas paintings come in various styles, materials, and designs, catering to different preferences and artistic needs. First I’ll list some common types of frames for canvas paintings and other artwork, and then we’ll get into my favorite and most unique framing options for artwork. This, of course, would include custom wood frames for art / canvas, which I happen to handcraft personally, in addition to the unusual handcrafted wood picture frames that I offer here.

Floater Frames

Floater frames are a type of picture frame designed to create the illusion that an artwork is “floating” within the frame, rather than being tightly bordered. They are often used for canvas paintings or panels. The artwork is typically mounted within the frame using spacers, allowing space between the artwork and the frame itself, which enhances the visual effect of the artwork appearing to float.

Floater frames come in various styles and materials, such as wood or metal, and can be customized to fit the specific dimensions of the artwork. They are popular among artists and photographers for their contemporary and minimalist look, as well as their ability to complement a wide range of artistic styles.

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Traditional Frames for Artwork

The less unique framing options for artwork encompass a wide range of styles, materials, and designs that are rooted in classical aesthetics. Here are some key features and characteristics of traditional frames:

  1. Ornate Design: Traditional frames are often characterized by elaborate and decorative designs, featuring intricate patterns, motifs, and embellishments such as carving, gilding, or ornamentation. These details add a sense of elegance and sophistication to the artwork.
  2. Wood Construction: Many traditional frames are crafted from wood, which can be stained, painted, or gilded to achieve different finishes and colors. Hardwoods like oak, walnut, or cherry are commonly used for their durability and rich appearance.
  3. Molding Profiles: Traditional frames typically have a distinct molding profile, which refers to the shape and style of the frame’s edges and corners. Common molding profiles include ogee, cove, scoop, and beaded designs, each contributing to the overall aesthetic of the frame.
  4. Matte and Fillet Options: Traditional frames may incorporate mats (or mounts) and fillets to enhance the presentation of the artwork. Mats are layers of paper or fabric placed between the artwork and the frame to provide separation and visual contrast, while fillets are narrow strips of molding used to accentuate the inner edge of the frame.
  5. Antique Finishes: Some traditional frames are designed to replicate the look of antique or vintage frames, with distressed finishes, patinas, or faux aging techniques applied to create an aged appearance. These frames evoke a sense of history and nostalgia, complementing period-style artworks or creating a vintage-inspired aesthetic.
  6. Versatile Sizing: Traditional frames come in a variety of sizes to accommodate different dimensions of artwork, from small prints to large-scale paintings. They can
    Custom framing options - gallery wrap frames - float frame
    gallery wrap float frame

    be custom-made to fit specific artwork sizes or purchased in standard sizes for more common dimensions.

All in all, traditional frames are prized for their timeless appeal and ability to enhance the presentation of artworks, whether they are classic paintings, portraits, landscapes, or contemporary pieces with a nod to historical styles.

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Gallery Wrap Frames

Gallery wrap frames are specifically designed for gallery-wrapped canvas paintings, where the canvas is stretched and wrapped around the edges of the stretcher bars, eliminating the need for an external frame. However, gallery wrap frames offer a solution for artists or collectors who prefer the look of a framed canvas without covering the edges of the artwork.

These frames typically feature a deep profile with a rabbet (the recessed area where the artwork fits) that is wide enough to accommodate the thickness of the canvas and its wrapped edges. The canvas is secured within the frame using clips or screws, allowing the entire artwork to remain visible from the front while providing a finished appearance from the sides.

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Gallery wrap frames come in various materials and finishes, including wood, metal, and composite materials, allowing for customization to match the style of the artwork and the preferences of the artist or collector. They are often chosen for their contemporary and streamlined look, which complements modern and abstract artworks, as well as for their practicality in displaying gallery-wrapped canvases without the need for additional framing.

Float Frames: Similar to floater frames, float frames create the illusion of the canvas floating within the frame. However, float frames usually have a wider border around

Custom Wood Frames for Art - Unique Framing options - custom shadow box frame with hinges
shadow box made from antique oak table legs and pallet wood for Kate

the canvas, providing more visual contrast between the artwork and the frame.

Box Frames: Box frames, also known as shadow box frames or deep frames, make unique custom frames for artwork that provide depth and dimension to artwork. Here’s what you’ll want to know about box frames:

  1. Depth: Unlike traditional frames that sit flush against the wall, box frames have a deeper profile. This depth allows them to accommodate thicker artworks, such as canvas paintings with built-up texture or mixed media pieces with three-dimensional elements.
  2. Enclosure: Box frames typically enclose the artwork within the frame, protecting it from dust, dirt, and damage. This enclosure creates a sense of containment and focus, drawing attention to the artwork and its details.
  3. Visibility: While box frames enclose the artwork, they often feature a glass or acrylic front panel that allows the artwork to remain visible. This protective covering preserves the artwork’s integrity while allowing viewers to appreciate it without obstruction.
  4. Versatility: Box frames are versatile and can be used for various types of artwork, including paintings, prints, photographs, collages, textiles, and memorabilia. They are particularly well-suited for showcasing three-dimensional or mixed media artworks that may not fit within the confines of traditional flat frames.
  5. Display Options: Box frames can be displayed on walls like traditional frames, but their depth also allows them to be placed on tabletops, shelves, or mantels. Some box frames come with built-in stands or easel backs for tabletop display, offering flexibility in presentation.
  6. Customization: Box frames are available in a range of sizes, materials, and finishes to suit different artistic styles and preferences. They can be crafted from wood, metal, plastic, or composite materials, and can be customized with various colors, stains, or decorative accents to complement the artwork.

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In essence, box frames offer a unique way to showcase artwork while adding depth, protection, and visual interest. They are a popular choice for artists, photographers,

Metal frames for canvas artwork Hank Williams painting

and collectors looking to create a distinctive presentation for their pieces.

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Metal Frames

Metal frames for artwork offer a sleek, modern, and minimalist aesthetic, and they come with various advantages, such as having a contemporary look, durability, and versatility. Metal frames can make unique custom frames for artwork, indeed.

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Metal frames are versatile, in that they come in a variety of finishes, including brushed aluminum, polished chrome, satin black, and matte bronze, among others. This versatility allows artists and collectors to choose a frame finish that complements the artwork while fitting their desired aesthetic.

Metal frames are also relatively easy to clean and maintain. They can be wiped down with a damp cloth or mild cleaner to remove dust and dirt, keeping the frame looking fresh and new.

Metal frames essentially offer a sleek and contemporary option for framing artwork, providing durability, versatility, and a modern aesthetic that can enhance the presentation of a wide range of artworks.

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Craig’s Custom Wood Frames for Art

unique framing options - custom wood frames for art
custom wood frame for canvas art piece

The custom wood frames for art pieces that I craft offer a not-so-classic, yet timeless and unique option for framing artwork, with various advantages and customization options. Here’s what you should know:

  1. Unique Aesthetic: Handcrafted wood frames evoke a sense of warmth, elegance, and craftsmanship, making them a popular choice for a wide range of artistic styles and décor preferences. They can complement both traditional and contemporary artworks, adding a touch of sophistication to any piece.
  2. Versatility: These unusual wood frames come in a variety of wood species, each with its own unique grain pattern and color variations. This versatility allows artists and collectors to choose a frame material that complements the artwork while fitting their desired aesthetic.
  3. Customization: Craig’s Unique Frames “live edge” wood frames can be tailored to fit specific artwork sizes, dimensions, and preferences. They can be crafted with different sizes, depths, shapes and finishes to enhance the presentation of the artwork and complement its style.
  4. Durability: Wood frames are known for their durability and longevity when properly cared for. They can withstand changes in temperature and humidity, making them suitable for preserving and protecting artworks over time.
  5. Handcrafted Quality: Custom wood frames are often handcrafted by skilled artisans or framers, ensuring high-quality construction and attention to detail. This craftsmanship adds a sense of artistry and authenticity to the framing process, enhancing the overall presentation of the artwork.
  6. Staining and Finishing: My custom wood frames for artwork can be stained or finished in a variety of tones and sheens to complement the artwork and match the surrounding décor. Options include natural wood finishes, stains, paints, and lacquers, allowing for endless customization possibilities.

In essence, custom wood frames offer a classic and customizable way to frame artwork, providing durability, versatility, and timeless beauty that can enhance the presentation of any piece. Handcrafted raw edge frames are definitely a fun and unique option for framing art pieces.

That’s It

I hope this has helped you to discover some unique framing options for your art piece. Please leave a comment or any questions you may have below, and thanks for visiting.


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