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Amazing Wood Frames, Custom-Crafted – Unique Wood Picture Frames

“There is no exquisite beauty without some strangeness.” -Edgar Allen Poe

unique wood picture frames - unusual wooden photo frames handcrafted

Each of these beautifully unusual wood picture frames is actually a unique frame.

​In other words, you will be the only person who has your amazing wood frame! 

Furthermore, it is a new frame every time you turn it a different way. Because of this, the included hanger is removable, so you can hang your handcrafted custom wood frame however you like it best.

Craig also crafts custom wood frames up to 11×14″ and up to 16×20 if they don’t require glass, and you can also look at Craig’s in-stockOrder Custom-crafted wood Picture Frames online - unique wood picture frames unique wood picture frames on the Etsy store.

Why Custom Wood Picture Frames Are So Popular as Gifts

Flex-points allow easy removal of glass and backing, and special stands can be included for displaying your unique wood frame on a flat surface.

Craig uses several different types of wood for crafting these unusual wood picture frames, including diamond willow wood.

American elm wood frames are made when the wood can be found (American elm wood is also falsely known as slippery elm, or red elm). American elm wood makes amazing wood picture frames! 

All about American elm wood

Unusual wood picture frames 8x12 driftwood frame with glass uniqueAlso, Craig’s elegantly unique wood picture frames include driftwood frames, root wood frames, and even frames made from really old, discarded fence posts. 

Real barn wood frames are also available. These are made from real, old barn wood and other reclaimed or repurposed wood. Custom wood frames for canvas paintings (floater frames) are available, as well.

Where Is the Best Place to Buy Unusual Portrait Frames?

Each of these unique picture frames are assembled, sanded and finished by hand.​

All of Craig’s creative wood picture frames make unique portrait frames, for say, a family portrait (especially if you have a “unique” family, like some of us…).​

Additionally, the “live edge” willow wood frames make a wonderful wedding gift or wood gift for a 9th anniversary (the diamond willow wood frames are a popular seller for that occasion). Craig’s amazing wood frames can be a different frame every time you turn them! And yes, these unusual wood picture frames can be hung any of four ways. This is due to the glass, hardboard backing and hanger all being quickly and easily removeable.

Browse Craig’s in-stock unique picture frames online on the Etsy store.

creative wood Frames Custom-crafted wood frame handmade from American elm wood
American elm wood frame 5×7

Common picture frame sizes are 4×6, 5×7, 6×8, 6×9, 7×9, 8×10, 8×12, 9×12, 10×13. And custom frames any size in between and up to an 11×14 frame size can be ordered (we can ship larger sizes if there is no glass required).

Custom wood frames for canvas are available for pieces up to 16″ x 20″. Many of our customers order custom-crafted wood frames online from us for framing awards, wedding vows, or other special documents.

10 Unique Framing Ideas | Creative Picture Framing

The pricing for each of Craig’s unusual wood frames is determined by:​

a) the time put in to making it

b) the size of the glass

c) the amount and type of wood used (some of the wood, such as the diamond willow wood, American elm wood and some driftwood, is harder to find and/or more difficult with which to work).​

Craig’s Photography on ViewBugunique wood picture frames - unusual handmade picture frame 8x10 custom-crafted

Each of these lovely, handcrafted and unconventional wood picture frames comes with Starphire Ultra Clear glass, hardwood backing and hanger.

All of the wood used to build these elegantly unusual wood picture frames is carefully searched for and harvested. Each frame is crafted from stocks of wood that the artisan himself has deliberately set out to find.

Each piece needs to stand out as being peculiar in shape and texture, as well as coloring and grain patterns.

Creative Wood Frames – A Gallery               Craig’s Process – Crafting Amazing Wood Frames

There is then as much care and diligence put into the crafting process. There is much deliberation in the details, without compromising the beauty of any of the natural irregularities of the wood. 

natural edge picture frames unique-shaped frame unusual photo frames - diamond willow gifts
Unique-shaped frames crafted from diamond willow wood diligently searched for and harvested by Craig (and formerly Maggie the dog)

Whether you order custom-crafted wood frames or Craig’s in-stock unique wood picture frames online, you are going to receive beautifully handcrafted wood picture frames to which the utmost diligence and care have been given, throughout the entirety of the process.​ ​

Read the legendary tales (many of which are, shall we say… unfounded…?) of Craig’s adventures hunting for wood and the stories behind some of his frames.

Thank you for your interest in these unusual wood picture frames, and for taking the time to read all of this.

Be Blessed!

Browse Craig’s in-stock unique picture frames online on the Etsy store.

Willow wood frame handmade 20x30 unique wood picture frames for wall

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    I asked Craig if he could make me a beautiful frame, for a picture I plan on getting of all of my grandchildren,(just waiting for 8th grandchild to make the photo complete) I asked him to please do it on a piece of driftwood from the river, as they were all born in Calgary.. Craig made me an amazing work of art, with all the kids names engraved into the wood, it is beautiful, awesome craftsmanship!!
    I will be purchasing more of these works of Art in the future!!!
    I am planning

  2. I just purchased one of Craig’s new elm wood frames to give to my niece for a wedding present. It is stunning and well built, as are the others I have purchased from him. Creativity in motion!

  3. Fascinating blog! Is your theme custom made or did you download
    it from somewhere? A design like yours with a few simple
    tweeks would really make my blog shine. Please let me know where you got your design. Thanks

  4. Craig’s work is absolutely breathtaking! My husband and I had purchased small canvases on our trip to Greece. I loved the frames they were displayed in and the gallery actually agreed to sell the live edge wood frames to us as well but, trying to minimize what additional items we would have to carry home, my husband convinced me to get just the canvases because we could find something similar at home. Big mistake. I searched high and low locally in the effort of finding something even remotely close to what I had seen and came up empty handed.
    It finally occurred to me to check Etsy where I found plenty of frames that were closer but not quite right, until I came across Craig’s work. I was smitten. I showed him the canvases along with examples of other frames he had done that I liked and requested 3 frames. Those canvases stayed stored away for almost a year and a half because I loved them so much but didn’t want to settle.
    I was nervous to receive frames that I would have no input on or get a preview of but Craig knows what he is doing. His work is impeccable and extremely high quality. He sized them perfectly which I imagine is not easy working with natural wood. They are absolutely gorgeous and he delivered above and beyond what I had hoped for. These frames made all that time in storage 100% worth the wait.

    • Wonderfull! I am speechless. Thank you for such a diligent and thoughtful review. I’m ecstatic that you are so happy with them, and glad the wait was worthwhile, haha.

      Cheers, Andrea!

  5. The frames are beautiful.  I do quite a bit of nature photography.  These wooden frames would compliment the photos I take.  Also, I think they will make beautiful gifts.  I have a daughter who lives in the redwoods in California.  These frames would really compliment her home.  I am going to bookmark this site for future reference when I need gifts.  These custom frames are beautiful.

  6. Wow!

    These are SO COOL!!!

    In a world of such boring uniformity…what a relief to see such beauty!  They would look so incredible in so many different settings.  Something like this in a super modern, all white and chrome room would be MAGNIFICENT!  And, like-wise, it would elevate a log cabin to unexpected heights of fancy.  As well as everything in between!

    So glad I came across this.  It really brightened my day!



    • Thank you Anna! 

      Boring uniformity, indeed! 

      Many people I think would have a hard time associating these frames with an all white and chrome room, but I love that you are able to picture it, and that you see it as being perfectly appropriate (not to mention “magnificent” :O…)!

      This rather brightens my day, as well. 😉

  7. This has to be the funniest website I have seen.  First, I was blown away and speechless admiring the novel and BEEEEUUUUtiful frames. No actually, first I was blown away looking at the video of the frames.  Then, I was blown away by the stills of the frames.  And that they can be turned in different directions to give a new look is a first. It’s almost like having four frames for the price of one.   To me, anyway.  I know it is said that there is nothing new under the sun, but I have not heard of anything like this. I have a mirror surrounded by wood…it has colors on it.  One of your frames would complement this look nicely.I think that in addition to Craig being an amazing artisan, he is also a comedian.  The beaver dam pirate ship story…while looking for a damsel.  Well, I am laughing out loud.  And that country he thinks only he knows about.  Not true, I saw him there gathering wood.  Finally, Craig, or whoever is reading this.  I know for a fact that God does not believe in atheists.  He even asked me, “what are THEY? lolI thoroughly enjoyed this site.  I am looking forward to my purchase of one of these amazing frames.

    • Thank you very, very much, Hazel!

      And this is Craig. I’m glad you found the stories humorous and that you appreciate the frames.  Blessings!

      • Oh, and to answer your question, the customers can request the type of wood, but I mostly just use willow, poplar. American elm, driftwood and root wood, because it is what is most available where I live.


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