The Elegance of Natural Wood Picture Frames

The Elegance of Natural Wood Picture Frames Showcasing the Beauty of Nature: Explore the Timeless Elegance of Natural Wood Picture Frames Step into a world where elegance and nature intertwine. In the realm of picture frames, one material reigns supreme: natural wood. Let’s help you choose the right handcrafted, natural wood frames to match your … Read more

Custom Wood Frames for Art | Unique Framing Options

Custom Wood Frames for Art | Unique Framing Options for Artwork Custom frames for canvas paintings come in various styles, materials, and designs, catering to different preferences and artistic needs. First I’ll list some common types of frames for canvas paintings and other artwork, and then we’ll get into my favorite and most unique framing … Read more

10 Unique Framing Ideas | Creative Picture Framing

10 Unique Framing Ideas | Creative Picture Framing Unique Framing Ideas to Transform Ordinary Objects into Captivating Pieces of Art. Here are some creative picture framing concepts to consider: Shadow Box Frames: These deep frames are perfect for displaying 3D objects or creating depth within your artwork. You can arrange layers of objects, such as … Read more

Composition and Framing a Photograph: The Difference

The Difference Between Composition and “Framing” a Photograph Are Framing a Photograph and Composition Different? It is tricky to define the difference between composition and framing a photograph in terms of photography, because the terms definitely overlap. Let’s talk about what the two terms mean first, starting with framing a photograph, or “framing the shot”. 10 … Read more

Hunting for Unusual Picture Frame Wood

Maggie on Hunting for Unusual Picture Frame Wood Maggie the Expired Dog Somehow Blogs About Strange Picture Frame Wood Hunts with Her Human Hi. I am Maggie. I get things. At least I did, before I died. I guess I am still Maggie, but I am now without a body. I have decided to write … Read more

Why Custom Wood Picture Frames Are So Popular as Gifts

Why Are Custom Wood Picture Frames So Popular as Gifts? The Unique Gift of a Rare Custom Handcrafted Wood Photo Frame Here we’re going to list some reasons why giving rare and distinctive handmade custom wood picture frames as a gift is a good idea, and you will see why custom handcrafted wood picture frames … Read more

Why American Elm Wood Frames? | About American Elm Wood

About American Elm Wood and Why I Make American Elm Wood Frames The wood of the American elm has several notable characteristics, and these are why I craft American elm wood frames from it.   American elm wood comes from a “soft hardwood” tree (Ulmus americana) native to eastern North America. But it can also … Read more

Build Your Own One-of-a-Kind Wood Frames | DIY Unique Picture Frames

Want to Build Your Own Unique Picture Frame from Wood? Building DIY One-of-a-Kind Wood Frames To make your own unique one-of-a-kind wood frame, you’ll need a few basic tools. Here’s a list of essential and not-so-essential tools and materials: Miter Saw or Miter Box with Hand Saw: For cutting the wood at precise angles, typically … Read more