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Creative Wood Frames with a New Happy Home

A Gallery of Some of Craig’s Unusual Frames from the Past

Creative wood frames unusual 8x10 rare wood picture frame handcrafted custom live edge framesHere are a few of Craig’s more creative wood frames from the past. This is a pretty good cross section of the different styles of rare wood picture frames Craig crafts, including diamond willow frames, driftwood frames, root wood frames, and a custom shadow box made from the legs an antique oak dining table and pallet wood.

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Craig will happily build custom-crafted wood frames with glass up to an 11 x 14 frame size, or larger if the frame does not require glass. Picture frames with glass bigger than an 11 x 14 frame size are very expensive to ship in order to package them in such a way as to ensure the glass does not get broken.

Frames for canvas, or floater frames (without glass), are safe to ship fairly inexpensively in sizes up to 16 x 20.

10 Unique Framing Ideas – Creative Picture Framing

 Creative Wooden Frames Gallery of Craig's distinctive wood Frames
Beautifully distinctive frames handcrafted from driftwood and diamond willow wood

The more “uniquely shaped” frames may take a few days longer to ship, due to the more distinct frame wood being a bit harder to find, and requiring more travel and search time.

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Creative wood frames - Craig's rare custom wooden Frames natural edge

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Creative Wooden Frames - rare wood frames funky

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Read the legendary tales (many of which are, shall we say… unfounded…?) of Craig’s adventures hunting for wood and the stories behind some of his more rare creative custom-crafted wood frames.

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rare wood picture frame handcrafted custom live edge frames
custom-crafted wood frame – driftwood frame dark stained 6×8 amazing frame


Unique-shaped wood frames handcrafted from willow wood - wall hanging