Unique Frames: About Craig Johnstone and His Unusual Frames

Unique Frames: About Craig and His Unusual Frames

Thanks for visiting Craig’s Unique Frames. My name is Craig Johnstone. I am a Canadian image bandit, air-sculptor, timeAbout Craig Johnstone - Craig's Unique Frames Canada decorator, creek pirate and ultra-overcomer.

Additionally (but not secondarily), I am a proponent and fighter for truth and freedom, as well as a fugitive of the law of averages, currently living in Alberta, Canada.

I also craft unusual picture frames.​

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The Genesis of Craig’s Unique Frames

I started building these unique frames in 2012, while living in “the sticks” for a spell, and discovering diamond willow wood.

The uniquely shaped picture frames I began to make with diamond willow wood quickly became very popular with the people around me. I began to sell my unique wood frames at farmer’s markets, etc.

The “live edge” frames I was making became more unusual, and they all received much more attention and praise than I ever would have expected. And it was becoming more than feasible that I could make and sell these unique frames online. And I did!

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Unique Wood Makes for Unique Frames

unique picture frame 8x10 - Craig's Unique Frames one-of-a-kind wood frames handcrafted
Diamond willow frame 8×10

I then began to collect driftwood, root wood, real barn board… whatever I could find.  I began to look for interesting stocks of wood wherever I went. Then I would more carefully study them, and then set about removing all of the material from them that didn’t look like part of an unusual, but amazing picture frame!

Heading out on a wood-harvesting safari is still one of my favorite things to do. As is building unusual driftwood frames, diamond willow wood frames and root wood frames (and more) for the lovely people who seem to enjoy them!​

Read the legendary tales (many of which are, shall we say… unfounded…?) of Craig’s adventures hunting for wood and the stories behind some of his frames.

Almost Famous

One of my earlier, and more unusual frames (a driftwood frame) was to be featured on the UK TV show “Crafty Beggars” a few years ago, but they ended up having to cut it from the show, sadly.unique picture frames - unusual drift wood frame 5x7 handcrafted one-of-a-kind

On the bright side, I guess I still have my 15 minutes coming to me… 🙂

I was once a famous rock star in the late eighties and early nineties. It was almost entirely in my mind, though. And that is another topic, completely​…

Thanks for visiting the site, and enjoy browsing all of my most recently built unique frames!


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